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Emergency Lighting Systems

The safety lighting system is intended to protect people in the event of extraordinary situations (fire, earthquake, etc.). The system ensures the prescribed level of visibility, provides a sense of security and reduces panic among people.

Hochiki FIREscape proizvodi.

Hochiki - FIREscape ®

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Hochiki Europe, the world’s leading company in the field of fire protection systems, presents an innovative concept on the market – FIREscape. These completely new, self-diagnostic network solutions for security lighting provide a unique and economical system of complete protection.

FIREscape is based on an addressable control panel, enabling addressability of all LED lighting fixtures. Each light has a built-in battery that ensures autonomy of 3 hours of operation without external power supply. Installation of lighting fixtures is simple, as they are attached to standard Hochiki bases. In addition, economy is ensured by the low operating voltage of the lighting fixtures (40 V), which enables simple and safe installation and reduces costs for end users.

Hochiki FIREscape lite proizvodi.

FIREscape Lite ®

Hochiki FIREscape + proizvodi.

FIREscape + ®

Hochiki FIREscape proizvodi.

FIREscape ®

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