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About Us

Produktronika d.o.o. was founded in 1990 with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. The company was founded by lovers of modern technology, pacifists in character and great advocates of safety and protection of people – Domagoj Ručević, director, and Ivica Krstanović, procurator.

Produktronika d.o.o. specializes in designing, installing, implementing and maintaining stable fire alarm and extinguishing systems. Over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge ensure a professional and thorough approach to each user.

All our employees are fully trained and certified to install and maintain fire security systems from our suppliers.


COMPANY NAME: PRODUKTRONIKA društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za proizvodnju, zastupanje i trgovinu


HEADQUARTER: Zagreb, Donje Svetice 40, Croatia

OIB: 42501049830

Trading company PRODUKTRONIKA d.o.o. it was registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb on the basis of the founding decision of March 1, 1990 under business number Tt-95/16862-7 and is registered under registration number 080310965.

The trading company is registered in the Commercial Court in Zagreb under Reg. no. 1-4767.

The basic capital of the company amounts to HRK 733,200.00 and has been paid in full.

The company operates through giro account: 2484008-1100144814 with Raiffeisen BANK Austria d.d. Zagreb


  • Domagoj Ručević, director
  • Ivica Krstanović, procurator

VAT No: 3523675

Founding Act: Agreement on the establishment of a privately owned company dated March 1, 1990, harmonized with the ZTD on November 9, 1995 and drawn up in a new form as a Company Agreement.


  • Production of other electrical equipment, d.o.c. ( 31.62 1 )
  • Electrical installation works ( 45.31 1 )
  • Wholesale trade and mediation in trade ( 51 1 )
  • Representation of foreign companies


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