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Hochiki - Marine - Fire detection system for vessels

Fire detection systems on vessels play a key role in the protection of people and vessels because by detecting smoke in time, a series of actions are taken to prevent the spread of fire, start extinguishing the fire in time and enable the evacuation of people.

Hochiki intelligent and conventional marine and vessel products are designed based on the already world-proven ESP and CDX series and approved for marine use by Germanischer Lloyd and LPCB under the MED-approved program.

Ideal equipment for installation on vessels, oil or gas platforms, wind farms or marinas and other water-related facilities.

More about the manufacturer...

Hochiki Corporation is a multinational company based in Japan, founded in 1918, with over 1,700 employees. The company already installed Japan’s first public fire alarm in 1920 and later built the world’s largest fire alarm system testing laboratory in Kakuda, Japan.

Hochiki is distinguished by experience and expertise as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of fire alarm equipment. Their products have gained global acceptance as a benchmark for high integrity and long-term reliability.

Hochiki - Vatrodojavni proizvodi za marine i brodove

What is a MED approval for marine use?

Directive M.E.D. 96/98/EC is an initiative of the European Commission established with the aim of reducing costs for the end user through a simplified classification model for marine use approvals.

All approved and authorized products, including Hochiki, are stored in the MarED database, which to date contains more than 35,000 data sets on products approved under the European Marine Equipment Directive.

Products are rigorously tested by an independent third party, such as Germanischer Lloyd or LPCB, for use in the marine environment before being awarded a safety certificate.

Marine approved analog addressable optical smoke detector ALG-ENM

Analogno adresabilni optički detektor dima usklađen sa Marine ALG-ENM


  • High-performance detection chamber technology
  • Dual LEDs allow a view of 3600
  • Locking mechanism (pedestal detector)
  • Variable sensitivity (controllable from the control panel)
  • Electronic addressing
  • Approved by LPCB, LR and GL

Marine approved analog addressable thermal smoke detector ACB-EM

Analogno adresabilni termički detektor dima usklađen sa Marine ACB-EM


  • Contains an element for detecting heat change and an element for recognizing the rate of heat rise
  • Dual LEDs allow a view of 3600
  • Electronic addressing
  • Approved for MED by GL

Marine Approved Addressable Manual Call Point HCP-EM

Hochiki - Analogno adresabilni ručni javljač požara usklađen za Marine HCP-EM


  • Fast response
  • Bi-coloured status LED
  • Non-frangible element fitted as standard (conforms to EN54)
  • Addressed with TCH-B200 Hand Held Programmer & PL-3 lead
  • Surface or flush mounting
  • Approved to MED, DNV, IEC 60092-504 requirements
  • DNV-GL Module B (Type Examination)
  • DNV-GL Module E (Product Quality Assurance)Marine Approved

Marine Approved Weatherproof Addressable Manual Call Point with Short Circut Isolator HCP-WM

Hochiki - Vodootporni analogno adresabilni ručni javljač požara sa izolatorom kratkog spoja HCP-WM


  • Fast response
  • Integral short-circuit isolator
  • Bi-coloured status LED
  • Non-frangible element fitted as standard (conforms to EN54)
  • Addressed with TCH-B200 Hand Held Programmer
  • Surface mounted
  • IP67 rated
  • Approved to MED by GL
  • GL Type approval

Marine Approved Sensor Mounting Base YBN-R/3M

Hochiki - Podnožje detektora usklađeno za Marine YBN-R/3M


  • Electronics free
  • Supports the ESP Marine Approved Sensors
  • Stainless steel contacts
  • Takes 2.5 mm cables
  • Slim profile – only 8 mm
  • Rugged wiring contacts
  • Facility for remote indicator
  • Quick Connection via square cable clamps
  • Approved to MED by GL

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